customer: Maureen Wan
My all time favourite vegan restaurant. Good food, good service, good price
customer: Karthik K
Great vegan restaurant. Good food.
customer: Emily Tran
Very nice soups. Love vegetarian wonton soup. My favourite.
customer: Joshua Pickett
fast and efficient service with very tasty and healthy vegan food. This is my favourite veg restaurant in Cabramatta ...
customer: Amy Kurianowicz
Love this place. Great food, super fast service and very inexpensive! I find it hard to try other vegan restaurants i...
customer: Michael Le
Very yummy fool. The waitresses are very polite and the price is very competitive. Try it and you will like it
customer: Miffb
Great value!. The food here is all vegetarian, sizes are humungous and most of the items on the menu is only $8. My favourite vegetarian place in Cabramatta
customer: Alan_robinson
I've taken non vegetarian friends here and they didn't know it was vegan. By far the best restaurant in the sydney region. My favourite!!!!
customer: Jenny Eats
Oh, man. It doesn't seem like it, but Cabramatta has quite a few vegan sweet spots, and this is definitely one of them!! The dishes are surprisingly cheap for the sheer amount of servings given to us. The fried tofu dish seen in the photo below is delicious, but it's off menu so you've gotta show them this picture to get it (if tell you what it's called but I forgot). I picked pho ga and it was my mistake because I personally don't even like the taste of the meat version of pho ga. if you don't know what to order it's best to ask the waitress what's good and chances are, you'd be pretty satisfied. The only thing with this restaurant, though, is that the ambience is lacking. I find that this is the case for all of the vegan restaurants in Cabramatta, and I think it's worth improving if they wanted more customers and to stay relevant.


Address: 197 Cabramatta Road west, Cabramatta, NSW 2166

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